What is Blended Learning?

Through mixed modality learning, our blended learning takes traditional face-to-face training and offers different formats, time frames and options to create engaging learning beyond the workshops. Blended learning enables you to take the learning beyond the classroom and the workshops, cut it up into smaller sections and reformat the work to fit the your needs or your employees needs.

Why will this help your company & team?

Many staff are not able to fly in to training or take time out of their day job to attend, these solutions will save your business both money and time. Delivering workshops in this way allows you and your employees to engage in the learning method, put the skills and tool into practice, reflect on what has been learnt and discuss challenges and successes they have had. This method of learning allows more efficient and effective training that can be completed remotely to fit in with the busy lifestyles of yourself and staff members.

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Blended Learning Example Structure

  1. Face-to-Face Workshop
  2.  On the Job Activity
  3. Video Content
  4. One-on-One Coaching
  5. Live Online Classroom Learning and Debrief

Training & Facilitation

Delivery Methodology

If you book us for a learning program, we will work with you to define the delivery methodology and modes of delivery. We will firstly decide if you want a face to face component, many sessions run with this as the foundation but it doesn’t need to be. We will discuss other modes including utilising live online training, coaching and eLearning. In this way we are able to cut up the program to best suit the business. This keeps the learning process going once the workshop has finished and is the most effective way transfer learning.

In-house consulting

If your internal HR learning and development team need some support to innovate your traditional learning, we can help. Perhaps you have lots of face to face workshops which you want to make available remotely or you need to shorten your workshop delivery times. We can help you rework the methodology and format for your own roll out of training programs. This allows your business to develop training that fits with your own structure and locations keeping delivery internal without utilising in external facilitators. We can also train your team to deliver live online.

Live Online Learning

We can deliver all our inspiring workshops to anywhere in the world live via virtual classroom (interactive webinar) and video conference facilitation using desk conferencing.

We are skilled across many known platforms including:

Adobe Connect, Saba Virtual Classroom, WebEx Meeting, Citrix GoToMeeting/Training, HP Virtual Rooms, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, Lync Meeting and Zoom

Train the Trainer for Live Online Learning

Virtual train the trainer for learning and development teams and leaders, support them to design, deliver and produce their own interactive virtual meetings, classrooms and webinars


Project management of the creation of outsources eLearning and video modules. Sourcing and managing eLearning content hosting platforms

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