88% of employers offer flexible hours to their employees… so do your working remotely skills keep up?
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According to the AHRI Inclusion and Diversity Report 2017; 88% of employers are offering flexible hours to their employees. More so than ever before employees are logging in from home. I have professional friends who are regularly working at least a day a week from home. I recently talked to industry friend in the law ...

A lesson in virtual terminology; online, eLearning, virtual meetings, webinar, webcasts and virtual classrooms
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We have all been in on terrible virtual meetings… I blame Skype a bit… I think its because they have been around the longest. Most of us international folk have been Skyping (term not yet to make the English Oxford Dictionary) for years. You see we have a love hate relationship with it. The excitement ...

But isn’t it better to be in the classroom face to face?
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It’s January 2012 and I had been a self-employed trainer for four years. As a consultant I was booked to deliver one and two day training course on the full Leadership, Management and Communication portfolio for national and multination companies. Being based in London I had an exciting time flying around the UK and Europe ...