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Our blended program will train you to make virtual learning as engaging as classroom training. This fully interactive live learning program will equip you with the tools you will need to inspire learners and deliver results remotely.

The learning sector has moved forward, we need to deliver solutions which are more accessible and shorter in duration, with more touch points to support the transfer of learning into the day job. With cost and time of travel including time away from the role, blended learning will enable relevant and just in time training for your people.

The course has three half day live online facilitated training session – from the comfort of your desk via the internet, a half-day teach back where you will put your learning into practice and supplementary online resources and eBooks you will develop the skills you need to create engaging environments for your own training programs.

Why will this help you

We have all sat in on terrible virtual conference calls and training. This course will teach you the skills to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged and contributing by learning how to design content for virtual classes that leaves a lasting impression. You will develop skills in virtual presenting and in using tools such audience questions and breakout room activities. Effective support is the key to the success of any virtual event, Live Online Training will teach you to manage your event, troubleshoot technology failing and maintain effective results.

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I highly recommend Philippa’s course on live online training facilitation to learning & development professionals. It taught me how to use my existing facilitation skills in an online environment, how to use the training platform and how to deal with technical issues. Philippa is an engaging and supportive facilitator who leads by example throughout the program. I see great benefits for business in moving training programs live online and providing facilitators with the necessary skills to make this an effective learning experience for participants.
APAC Learning & Development Lead
Global Construction Firm

Design, Deliver & Produce on Your Preferred Platform

Live Online Training Example Structure

  • 3 Live Online Workshops
  • Self Paced Learning via the HUB
  • One on One Practice with Coaching and Support
  • Teach Back
  • Online Resources via the HUB

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